Our colleague Markus Koop and firefighter with the volunteer fire department, organized a fire drill at FRITSCH Milling and Sizing in Plant I and II with Fire Station 3 from Idar-Oberstein.
The exercise was a so-called breathing exercise for which FRITSCH made its production facilities available. A total of 22 firefighters took part in the exercise, which lasted a total of 2.5 hours. The task was the search and rescue for missing persons with firefighting.
Not only the firefighters who were able to train their skills benefited from this exercise though, but also FRITSCH, because the responsible fire station is now familiar with the conditions on site.

The fire department arrived with several vehicles for the exercise.
The preparation also included hiding fire drill dummies that weigh about 75 kg.
A fire training dummy was placed under a pile of wood.
A mock-up was also hidden under the metal mesh boxes.
Off they go through narrow aisles and meter-high shelves.
Yes, a dummy has been found.
Breathing apparatus wearers wore plastic covers over their helmets to simulate and train for reduced visibility in heavy smoke.
Not only dummies were hidden, but also 6 persons were found here and recovered with a rescue sling.