The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is the ideal Particle Sizer for fast analysis of particle shape and size of dry, free flowing materials with a measuring range of 20 μm – 20 mm.

Via the optical analysis of the particle shape and particle size, you can identify damaged particles, contaminates, agglomerates or oversized and undersized particles accurately and fast and view them completely uncomplicated in single images. The measuring time depending on the sample quantity, is under 5 minutes. And the result is available immediately.

  • Efficient dry measurement

    For measurement, the sample material is filled into the funnel and conveyed to the falling chute via the automatically controlled feeder, which its U-shaped cross section ensures a good material feed. There, the sample falls through the measuring chamber between the camera and LED strobe light into an easy to clean sample collecting vessel. The images recorded continuously during this process offer a variety of evaluation possibilities. And the sample remains undamaged and completely intact throughout the entire analysis process.

  • Telecentric lenses for highest shape precision

    Thanks to the bi-telecentric lenses, the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer guarantees always the same reproduction scale of each individual particle wherever it is located in the measurement volume. Compared to conventional lenses, there is also a greater depth of field and less image field distortion. Your advantage: a more accurate measurement through a higher magnification consistency.

  • Optimal number of particles

    Automatic adjustment of the feeder

    For exact reproducible measurements, the position of the feeder and the funnel height can be adjusted via a scale and stored as information in a SOP. The ideal feed rate, precisely adapted to the sample, can also be stored in the SOP. The particle concentration is determined and controlled by the software. Your advantage: always the optimal number of particles per image for a reliable and significant analysis. Our tip: Ask for different coatings of the feeder when using special sample materials.

  • Clean Design

    Keeping the ANALYSETTE 28 clean is easy

    Due to its special geometry, the measuring chamber of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is automatically kept clean so air flushing is not necessary. And nevertheless, if soiling should occur, it is fast and easily cleaned.
    Additionally, prevents a rubber seal, around the smooth moving collecting vessel, leakage of sample material.
    The funnel and feeder of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer can be removed for cleaning with just a few motions due to its quick-clamping locks.

  • Features
    • Extra wide measuring range of 20 μm – 20 mm, individually adjustable
    • 3 telecentric lenses are available
    • Up to 75 images per second
    • Agglomerates are preserved
    • Practical Clean Design of the measuring chamber
    • Optimal number of particles due to automatic adjustment of the feeder
    • Easy handling
  • Equipment

    Lens with appropriate feeder

    Choose for your ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer between three telecentric lenses the perfect one according to your specific measurement task. We will be happy to advise you and will automatically supply you with the optimally adapted feeder with funnel. And if your measurement tasks change, all lenses can be retrofitted at any time, and are easily to replace.